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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Long Beach Teenager Threatens Students Through Facebook

Source: Facebook.com

Last week, a 17-year-old teenage boy was arrested for threatening four students at Millikan High School in Long Beach. The way he threatened his victims was through the social networking site, Facebook. The student created a fictitious Facebook account, added students from his high school as his friends on the site, and then threatened them. Police say that this cyber bullying was as bad as making threats face-to-face. The teenager now faces charges of fraud for the threats and obstruction of justice for lying to police during the investigation.

Teenagers may find it easier to bully someone through the computer, rather than in person. However, this "cyber-bullying" can be just as damaging to the victims as bullying them in person. Harmful effects of victims of cyber-bullying include stress, intimidation, depression and suicide.

A juvenile who is charged with any crime, should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. The juvenile justice system works differently than the adult system and therefore, the attorney must know how to properly navigate through the system. The main difference between the juvenile justice system and the adult system is that the juvenile justice system urges rehabilitation instead of incapacitation. Irregardless of this goal of rehabilitation, if a juvenile is convicted of a crime, they face punishments ranging from probation to prison.

Therefore, if you are charged with a crime as a juvenile, please contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away to assist you.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Woman Commits White-Collar Crime By Embezzling From Boys & Girls Club

Lynette Rojas booking photo

Lynette Rojas was an executive assistant for the Club with the responsibility of preparing payroll data and completing bank deposits for the organization. She abused her position by processing unauthorized payroll to herself, and stealing cash that was supposed to be deposited into the Club account. She then attempted to hide her theft by altering the organization's deposit paperwork and forging signatures of other directors on receipts.

Rojas pleaded guilty to grand theft by embezzlement, 24 felony counts of computer access and fraud at the Boys & Girls Club of La Habra. Earlier this week, she was sentenced to three years in prison and has to pay $165,000 in restitution, as well as $270,000 in fines.

White-collar crime includes embezzlement, bribery, extortion, theft, burglary, forgery, healthcare fraud, insurance fraud, internet fraud, mail fraud, tax fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, receiving stolen property, and many other crimes. These crimes can be considered misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the severity. They also can be prosecuted at the state level, Federal level or both, depending on where and how the crimes were committed. Punishments range from fines, to probation, to prison.

Most people who commit white-collar crimes are professionals whose reputations can be severely affected by a conviction. Therefore, if you are charged with a white-collar crime, please contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

California Woman Charged with Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated

Ashley Bryan Booking Photo

Last week, a twenty-four year old woman named Ashley Selina Bryan was charged with one felony count of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated without gross negligence, one felony count of driving under the influence of alcohol causing bodily injury and one felony count of driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08 percent or more causing bodily injury, as well as a sentencing enhancement for multiple victims. If she is convicted, Bryan faces a maximum sentence of five years and eight months in state prison as well as alcohol education classes and probation.

Bryan allegedly was driving under the influence of alcohol on the 57 freeway when she crashed into a disabled car on the freeway. Cameron Cook, who was standing outside of the stranded vehicle was knocked over the freeway guardrail and fell about 50 to 60 feet before landing on a concrete embankment under the freeway. He died shortly after the accident. Another person who was in the stranded car was also hit and suffered injuries.

If you are pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the police will conduct field sobriety tests to determine you intoxication level. If you are charged with driving under the influence (DUI), you face severe penalties including jail time, probation, DUI classes, a suspended license and fines. Therefore, it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away to assist you. Possible defenses to a DUI include not actually being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, improper police procedures, fatigue or illness.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

California Border Sweep Yields Drugs, Weapons, and Gangs

Members of the sheriff's Border Crime Suppression Team walk into an apartment complex in Santee to conduct a compliance search on a probationer. Source: Sign On San Diego.
Operation Allied Shield III took place several weeks in San Diego with the goal of targeting drugs, guns and gang members near the California and Mexico border. The massive sweep yielded seizures of cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, prescription drugs and marijuana. The total street value of these drugs is $70,000. Police also seized five weapons, $46,000 in cash, vehicles and drug paraphernalia. Additionally, 67 gang members were arrested during probation searches.

California law makes it a felony to possess narcotics such as cocaine, crack, heroin, ecstasy, and GHB. It is also a crime to illegally possess marijuana and prescription drugs.  A person convicted of possession, faces jail/prison time, monetary fines, drug classes or rehabilitation programs and probation. A person who is in possession of illegal drugs for the purpose of selling them, faces even harsher sentencing. Therefore, it is imperative to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are charged with a drug crime.

An experienced defense attorney may bring up several defenses to get your drug charges dismissed including violations of the Fourth Amendment Search and Seizure law, entrapment or wrongful arrest. If convicted, the attorney may be able to reduce your jail time and monetary fines and get you into a drug program right away. Therefore, contact a criminal defense attorney right away if you are charged with a drug crime.

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