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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Texas Father not Indicted for Killing Daughter's Molester

On June 9, 2012 a father from the small town of Shiner, TX called 9-1-1 informing authorities “I need an ambulance. This guy was raping my daughter and I beat him up.” During the call that lasted five minutes while the dispatcher tried to locate the rural residence, the father asserted, “Come on! This guy is going to die on me!" By the time help arrived Jesus Mora Flores, 47, died from multiple injuries.

The father, who was not named to protect the identity of his daughter, was not indicted by the grand jury in Lavaca County, TX. Under Texas state law, deadly force is justified in order to stop aggravated sexual assault or a sexual assault. District Attorney Heather McMinn told reporters "The substantial amount of evidence showed that the witness statements and the father's statement and what the father had observed was in fact what had happened that day.”

The incident happened on the afternoon of June 9th when Jesus Mora Flores, a legal Mexican worker, was hired to help the father with his horses and had been invited to a barbecue and horse shoeing. A witness told investigators that Flores aggressively carried the father’s 5-year-old daughter into a secluded area near the barn of the family’s property. The father followed his daughter’s screams and found Flores sexually abusing her. He forcibly removed Flores from his daughter and punched him in the head and neck.

The distraught 9-1-1-phone call combined with the physical and forensic exam of the daughter and several detailed witness accounts all corroborated the father’s statement. District Attorney McMinn told CNN she had "never seen a case this clear" in her career, leading the grand jury to not return an indictment against the 23-year-old father.

If you are charged with homicide or manslaughter, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you in fighting your charges and/or reducing your sentence.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Arrests Come After an Irvine PTA President was Framed

Kent and Jill Easter (pictured above) both 38-year-old attorneys who live in Irvine, CA were arrested last week on felony charges in Orange County. Their arrest came after allegedly framing Kelli Peters, the PTA president of their son’s school by planting drugs in her car and then reporting her to authorities.  The Easters were reportedly displeased with Peter's supervision of their son at Plaza Vista Elementary School in Irvine.

The Orange County District Attorney’s office stated that the couple attempted to get Peters arrested by driving to her home in February, 2011 and planting drug paraphernalia, 
a bag of marijuana and prescription pain pills inconspicuously in her car.  Kent Easter then gave Irvine police an anonymous tip that Peters was concealing drugs behind the driver’s seat of her car.

Although the Irvine police found the drugs in Peter’s car, after interviewing colleagues and searching her home they found "no evidence to support drug use or possession," according to the Orange County District Attorney's office. Detectives then determined through video surveillance that Kent Easter made the call to alert authorities of Peter's alleged drugs and that the Easters have had a long standing vendetta against Peters with two prior attempts at suing her – both of which were dismissed according to Orange County Court records.

Farrah Emami, a spokeswoman for the Orange County District Attorney's office stated, "this was obviously something they had sought out and planned with the intent of having her arrested," The Easters are scheduled to be arraigned in July 2012 in Orange County Superior Court. If convicted, they could face up to three years in state prison.

If you are charged with a felony in Orange County, contact an experienced attorney at the OC law firm of Ronald Brower to assist you in fighting your charges and/or reducing your sentence.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Auburn Shooting Suspect Turns Himself in to Authorities

On Saturday, June 11, 2012 a man opened fire at a college pool party near Auburn University in Alabama killing three and wounded three others. The shooting caught wide media attention because two of the victims were well known former SEC football players.

Authorities began a manhunt for Desmonte Leonard, 22, of Montgomery who reportedly opened fire after an altercation with some of the victims over a woman. Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson held up a picture of Leonard to the press on Sunday, telling him to turn himself in after warning the public that he is armed and dangerous and to call 9-1-1 if they spotted him.

The manhunt ended yesterday when Leonard peacefully walked into an Alabama courthouse and turned himself in to authorities waiting inside. Montgomery defense attorney Susan James said she persuaded Leonard to turn himself in after his family reached out to her for help.

Leonard is charged with three counts of capital murder and wounding three others.  Attorney Susan James noted that she and Leonard talked while driving to Montgomery, AL where he will have his first court appearance. She noted, "When the full story is told, it may sound different than the perception now." Although not yet retained, she has agreed to work as the defense attorney on the case, asserting "you don't want a bad end for anybody.”

If you are charged with a crime, contact an experienced OC criminal defense attorney to assist you in fighting your charges and/or reducing your sentence.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Washington 'Vigilante' Arrested

Patrick Drum, 34, from Sequim, Washington was arrested last Sunday for the killing of two sex offenders guilty of child sex crimes. His arrest came after he wrote and signed an apology note stating that he hated sex offenders and “it had to be done.” His vigilant proclamations continued after his arrest in his probable cause statement where he stated he had planned on killing sex offenders as long as he could until he was caught.

Drum will face charges of aggravated first-degree murder, carrying the possibility of a death sentence in the state of Washington. However, this is not his first offense, as he was previously convicted and served four years in prison for drug related charges. Bill Benedict, the local sheriff stated, "Anyone who is interested in taking things into their own hands and deciding to attack sex offenders in the community, we will deal with them very strongly.”

Along with taking the lives of two sex offenders, Drum has decided to take his criminal defense into his own hands. Instead of seeking a criminal defense attorney Drum told the judge he would defend himself. Defending himself against aggravated first-degree murder will prove challenging for Drum. In Washington State, first-degree murder is when there is a premeditated intent to cause death of another person and if convicted, their sentence isn't anything less than life imprisonment. Aggravated first-degree murder is when one commits first-degree murder with an aggravated circumstance. In Drum’s case it may be considered aggravated because there was more than one victim and the murders were part of a common scheme, in which case Drum can receive the death penalty.

Source: Fox News

If you are charged with felony-murder, please contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you in fighting your charges or reducing your sentence.

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