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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Husband and Wife Allegedly Plant Drugs in PTA Volunteers Car, Face Trial

Till criminal charges do we part: An Irvine couple faced serious charges after planting drugs in a PTA volunteer’s vehicle. The wife, Jill Bjorkholm Easter, 40, pled guilty, but her husband, Kent Wycliffe Easter, 40, is denying all charges.
Kent Easter is accused of felony false imprisonment for his alleged role in having school volunteer Kelli Peters arrested after he called police to report she had drugs in the back seat of her car. His wife, Jill, who was accused of planting the drugs, pleaded guilty last month to false imprisonment.
The case stems from a 2010 disagreement between Jill Easter and Peters, in which Jill Easter said the after-school volunteer did not bring her son out quickly enough when she went to pick him up at Plaza Vista Elementary. Following the incident, the husband and wife duo tried to get Peters fired, got a restraining order and filed a lawsuit against the volunteer, prosecutors said.
However, Kent Easter contends he had no idea his wife had planted the drugs. The Irvine father says it was truly his wife who masterminded the plot, his attorney told jurors Wednesday. Kent Easter alleges that his wife coerced him to report the drugs she claimed to have seen in Peters' car.
According to the accused’s attorney, Kent Easter was in bed sick when his wife put bags with marijuana, marijuana pipe, Vicodin, and Percocet in the back seat of Peters' car. The next afternoon, Kent Easter called Irvine police from a public phone, giving authorities a false name and address.
Prosecutors allege Kent Easter remained in contact with his wife during the call, texting her as the plot unfolded. Video of him entering the Island Hotel in Newport Beach where the call was made was played Wednesday. Prosecutors maintain that Kent Easter was aware of the scheme.

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